About us

Noom Wild Ales

Since 2018, we have been at work in Southern Styria and have made a significant contribution to the local beer scene.

Over the years our style has evolved more and more in a certain direction and we are now fully committed to one thing: spontaneous fermentation & wild yeasts.

Our Beer has Terroir

We do not use pure yeast and ferment our beers spontaneously on grapes, fruits, different plants and herbs. The yeasts and bacteria come from our native flora and give our beers a distinctive, rich character.

Our Beer needs Time

Due to the mixed fermentation, our beer needs a lot of time to develop. The beers ferment and age for six 6 to 18 months in barrique barrels. Compared to traditional beer production, we relinquish a great deal of influence and control and let nature take its course.

Our Beer is Unique.

And we mean that literally. There is no standard range and each beer is produced in small batches of about 450 liters and is available until the last bottle is drunk. Due to spontaneous fermentation, each beer is unique and can also be stored very well for many years in the cellar.

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