Cuvée 2022

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  • Beer style: Gruit Beer
  • Gruit: dandelion, mugwort, hemp, wild hops
  • Malt: organic Pilsner malt, organic wheat malt, rye
  • Hops: Wild hops, organic Malling, organic Cascade, organic Perle, organic Spalter Select
  • Alcohol content: 4 % vol.

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In our interpretation of this historic beer style, we only used ingredients from our own cultivation or from the forest next to the brewery for the herbal blend. Our Cuveé consists of the following beers:

1/3 – Spontaneously fermented on fresh dandelion flowers in the coolship. Matured for 15 months in wooden barrels.

1/3 – Beer with wild hops from the forest and mugwort. Spontaneously fermented on hemp flowers. Matured for 11 months in wooden barrels.

1/3 – Young, light, hoppy table beer. Fermented with our house culture.

The acidity of the beer is rounded off by the fine, tart herbal notes.
Refreshing, complex, invigorating.

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0,375 – Dark bottle, 0,375l – Green bottle, 0,75l




Noom OG, Riegersburg 187, 8333 Riegersburg

Place of origin

Styria, Austria

Alcohol content

4 % vol

Drained weight

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Water, barley malt, wheat malt, rye, dandelion, mugwort, hemp, hops, yeast